Mathematics and Magic

I will illustrate some magic tricks with cards and mental mathematics tricks. In all cases I will show the "proof" or the mathematics behind the trick. The students, that I have shown these to, not only enjoy them, but also see some cases where their mathematics such as factoring and algebra and pattern recognition can be put to use. Students are encouraged to use these ideas, practice them, and then invent their own mental tricks. It also encourages the idea of a proof. Bring a calculator!

Target Audience

8-9 & 10-12


Friday 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
Room Whisky Jack A (Delta)
Delta Hotels Whistler Village Suites

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  • Wayne Loutet

    I have been teaching for most of the past 52 years, starting in Vancouver in 1970. I have taught almost all of the math courses in BC since then in both private schools and public schools. My teaching areas were Mathematics and Computer Science. I did coach over 80 school teams in basketball, rugby and track. Recently I have completed an online course on the "History of Mathematics" aimed at the Grade 11/12 levels. I live with my daughter and two watch-cats in Duncan, BC..