Math + Cryptography = Bitcoin!

This engaging interactive seminar introduces participants to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Learn how the integration of math with cryptography and finance is the backbone of cryptocurrency. Examine its global, borderless, adoption and understand how cryptocurrency enables financial inclusion and empowers individuals. To experience first-hand how accessible the technology is, participants will have the option to engage in hands-on practice with cryptocurrency applications.

Target Audience

10-12 & 8-9


Saturday 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Room Alpine D (Westin)
The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler

This session is full.


  • Angela Chan

    An experienced K-12 educator of 20+ years, Angela first began investigating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for personal development. Now a Coquitlam Business Education and Information Technology teacher, Angela sees blockchain's evolution becoming increasingly relevant in the classroom. Blockchain offers powerful benefits, from financial to social to environmental, and she is excited about its potential to better our day-to-day experiences, both locally and globally. 


  • Kyle Berdusco

    Simultaneously a traditionalist and futurist, Kyle has been a blockchain supporter, investor and blogger since 2017. A high school teacher of 10 years in Surrey, Kyle is excited to be a part of the finance platform the internet will be based on. Kyle founded EVOS Blockchain Education to empower and educate others about cryptocurrency and blockchain. He teaches math theory, money theory and finance through fun engaging hands-on seminars. Kyle aims to help separate the knowledge from the noise.