Experiencing Joy and Vulnerability in a Community of Mathematicians

This last year we were on a learning journey that led us to getting stuck in our own math thinking, forging stronger relationships across our classrooms and deepening our algebraic thinking along the way! Join us in conversation of how visual patterns and Desmos helped us form a community of collaborative, risk taking and deeply engaged learners. This exploration helped us be vulnerable in our practice, and model for our students how math is deeply creative and how mistakes are where we grow.

Target Audience

6-7 & 8-9


Friday 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
Room Alpine E (Westin)
The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler

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  • Kevin Dent

    I love supporting learners to find joy and confidence in the math classroom, and strongly believe that everyone can learn math to the highest levels. I feel privileged to work alongside educators across SD23 as a teacher on the Instructional Leadership Team. I am passionate about Numeracy, Inquiry, Community, and Assessment and have spent most of my teaching career exploring those topics in the middle years.


  • Breanne Brunel

    Exploring mathematical concepts and strategies has long been a passion of mine. My experience as a grade 6/7 teacher has allowed me to explore many of the most recent  mathematical methods as proposed by Peter Liljedahl. As I continue to explore my inquiry around how students learn best in a mathematical setting, I am constantly reminded of the power of collaboration and leaning into challenges. 

  • Jody Amyotte

    I have had the privilege to teach for 15 years in a variety of settings. I began my career teaching in elementary schools, but my passion is working with the Grade 6-8 age group, which is where I have spent the last 6 years. I love to stretch my thinking alongside my peers, colleagues and the learners in my classroom and feel that one of the best ways to do so is to share our stories of our successes, struggles and the journeys that take us through these.