A New Look at Statistics

Discover how to connect your students’ intuitive problem-solving ability to a framework of statistical reasoning: A framework that can be used to problem solve and understand the world, and ignite vital critical thinking when presented with data, whether in the media or at school or at work.  Using an intuitive and visual introduction to concepts, participants will engage in collaborative, fun and engaging in-class activities that can be adapted across the curriculum.

All are welcome.

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Saturday 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Room Glacier (Westin)
The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler

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  • Daniel Ryan

    Dr. Dan Ryan is a statistician, with over 30 years of experience teaching statistics and applying statistical tools to a wide variety of problems in research and academia.  He is passionate about statistics and believes deeply that statistics can provide students with powerful and essential critical thinking skills and tools with which to assess the incredible amount of information and data they will encounter.