Supporting the inner mathematician in ALL learners

How has a math class become the most sought after program in a middle school, with a focus on grade level curriculum for students with diverse learning needs?  We will share how our community is working together from K-12 to increase success in math, by focusing on our students with diverse learning needs and giving them the tools and space to shine. We will share what we've tried, how it has impacted students, families and teachers, our successes and challenges and where we hope to go next. 

Target Audience



Friday 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Room Whisky Jack B (Delta)
Delta Hotels Whistler Village Suites

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  • Val Edgell

    Val is District Principal in School District 83 North Okanagan Shuswap. She has been a teacher and principal for 29 years, taught math K-12 and has a huge passion for helping teachers and students find their inner mathematician. Val's belief that mathematical understanding is essential to life, and that all of us can be successful in math, has led to a real interest in helping all students develop conceptual understandings and learn to think their way through mathematical problems. 

  • Denise Moore

    Denise has been a teacher and principal for the past 36 years. She is passionate about using data to inform instruction and has led her team of teachers through two very successful intervention programs in literacy and numeracy. A firm believer in the research from John Hattie, Denise's work is a testament to the power of collective efficacy and the results have changed the lives of both students and teachers.