The 5ws (and 1H) of Outcomes-Based Assessment

Outcomes-based, standards-based or evidence-based assessment - oft-used terms, but what does it look like? How can teachers use outcomes-based assessment with their students to further foster a space in which students belong and grow? What are the advantages? And, for goodness sake, how can teachers organize and manage all that data? In this workshop, participants will explore ways of making outcomes-based assessment work for them. 

Target Audience

6-7 & 3-5


Friday 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Room Alpine D (Westin)
The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler

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  • Michelle Chu

    Michelle is a late French immersion teacher with the Burnaby School District and self-professed math nerd. After realizing that a traditional approach to teaching wasn’t helping students think deeply or better comprehend concepts, she became passionate about expanding her math program with the goal of helping students move beyond the idea that they are “math people” or “not math people” towards developing richer understanding. Michelle has her M.A. in Educational Technology and Learning Designs.